FIRE Detection, Alarm & Occupant Warning Systems

Fire Detection and Alarms are the first step in protecting people and reducing damage to your assets from fire. Within three minutes a fire turns deadly! When a fire breaks out, every second counts and the earlier the fire is detected the faster you can evacuate safely. Effective fire detection and alarm systems are designed to detect the first sign of smoke, often before anyone knows a problem exists.
Occupant Warning Systems when correctly maintained facilitates the orderly evacuation of a building in the event of an emergency. It will be initiated automatically by a fire alarm system or by a building occupant setting off an emergency break glass alarm, your panel will respond in seconds to help protect your people, property and business.
Our experienced staff at Firerite Services are fully trained to install, test, inspect, service and maintain your system and ensure it fully complies with all the relevant building codes and regulations. Call us for a quote today